Tango is a potent ambassador of Argentinian culture. Its music, dance and poetry have traveled the globe; from Carlos Gardel’s magic to Astor Piazzolla’s genius , from Tango Argentino (the Musical) to Dancing with the Stars, from Buenos Aires to Miami and beyond. It is so that on 2009, UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, named TANGO to its Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Miami is a melting pot of different cultures and identities, and as such, Argentinian Culture has become one more of its ingredients. Argentine Tango seems to have arrived in Miami, FL somewhere in the early 1990’s, influenced by the Show “Tango Argentino”, which created a big craze for the style among dancers and non-dancers alike. This show was responsible for planting most of the seeds to what are now the biggest Tango Communities through out the United States.

Miami Tango Show is an initiative to honor this heritage: The art of Argentine Tango performance, what it can transmit, teach and create. Our mission, to keep presenting the highest standard of Argentine Tango to audiences in South Florida and through out the United States.